The Digi-Mic Adapter is an easy to use optical component that allows one to conveniently attach any Digital Camera with the lens filter thread to a conventional or a stereo microscope. Just thread the Digi-Mic into a camera lens filter opening and insert the other end of the adapter into the microscope tube.

The main advantage  of the Digi-Mic Adapter is its increased field of View ( FOV)

Conventional Adapter FOV

Thanks to an improved optical design, the adapter's FOV is 14% LARGER than any other adapter on the market.

Digi-Mic Adapter FOV

FITS standard DIN 23 mm ID microscope tube
(Optiosnsal Adapter Ring for 30 mm ID Stereo tube)
37 mm male lens thread (Sony Digital Camera)
STEP-UP LOW PROFILE RINGS for other cameras( MALE threads: 41, 43, 46, 49, 52, 58 mm )
37 mm female thread

DMA-1 is an adapter designed for Nikon Cool-Pix 950 (and up) digital cameras with28 mm lens filter thread

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